Shot List


Evaluation Script

This is my evaluation script, which I created. This was a draft and I used it as notes when creating my podcasts, and videos. This does not include extremely detailed information. Please have a look at the videos in the evaluation section and podcasts, where I describe and demonstrate in detail.

Research Summary

In order to create a conventional music video I began researching into other music videos. My first post in the research category was the analysis of a previous students blog. This was extremely helpful as it gave me an idea of what i need to create and put together to create my final products. Using my time to amylase the previous students blog gave me the chance to see how they’ve made their blog and organized it. This allowed me to organize my blog similar to theirs. After this I went to analyzing a previous students music video. This really gave me the chance to see what works with a music video and what doesn’t, allowing me not to make the same mistake when producing my music video. This was also helpful to see using a mark scheme what the different grades mean in comparison to the final product.

After completing the first two tasks I went to learning the different styles of music videos, so I can decide what category i would like to create my music video. Shortly I analyzed the camera shots and music video analysis . This allowed me to see a conventional music video and the shots the use. The history of a music video and research into different music genres allowed me to pick a theorist and a genre, so when I produce my music video the outcome would be a conventional music video.

Promotional and marketing makes the video successful so i went into researching about different ways to market and promote music video. I analyzed a music magazine advert which was going to create to go alongside my music video and a digipak. This gave me an idea about what I was going to create. This was extremely helpful. I also researched onto labels print platforms and broadcasting platforms. Then i researched into previous students magazine adverts and students digipaks. This gave me an idea of what i was asked to create.

Overall completing all these tasks helped me create my final products and allowed me to understand what a successful music video is required to include as well as a conventional music video.