Amy a 20-year young girl who lives in LA California, with her fiancé who she hopes she will get married to. Short 5foot 3 height and with short straight hair.

It was a hot July night. Amy is found sitting down on an old – half broken wooden chair, in an empty abandoned house, with green chipped paint. The detached house has no furniture at all except the wooden chair and with only her phone as a source of light that is constantly ringing while she sobs desperately, as if she is eager for her mother.

She stands up and walks to the doorframe, which is perfectly positioned in the center of the room. A slow light is being shun, backlighting Amy, and giving her a halo like effect. As she stand there with a straight posture, memories of her and mat, when they were younger blast. She had longer hair, no glasses and wore a pretty white dress with a floral crown. As she danced and pranced, Matt looked at her, as her fell in love with her more and more.

Amy remembers that Matt her fiancé, when they were dating, had hid a memory treasure box in the same location as the abandoned house. She leaves out of the front door, and runs through the cornfields, which lead into the dark and damp forest. All you could hear is her heavy breathing and constantly looking back paranoid as If someone is following her. Amy analyzed the map her and matt had made of where they hid the treasure. She didn’t want anyone knowing where she was going as it was a secret her and matt had. They both made a promise, that they would never open the box until they get married. Little did she know, someone had been watching her this whole time?

Reaching the destination, Amy took off her raincoat and with a spoon that she had brought form home, began desperately digging in the cold and dry soil. Time was ticking as the moon was quickly hid being the clouds making it harder for Amy to see what she was doing. She began digging with her bare hands.

It was a relieve when she finally got to the box; she slowly and carefully got the box out. Reaching into her pocket she got her keys where she kept the lock keys.

In the distance there was someone watching Amy, with a flickering torch. Unfortunately, due to the adrenaline Amy was oblivious to it.

As Amy, got her keys out, to unlock the treasure box. There was a loud gun band. Amy was laying on the cold and now damps soil, from the blood that had been painfully dripping from her. “So close yet so far” said the black mask.


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