History of Music Videos

Music videos are a market device for most songs. This aids the sales of the song, and in some cases the music video is what makes the song popular. One example is wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus. The features of nudity and postmodernism like having someone swing from a wreaking ball destroying walls, intrigued the viewer, even though the song didn’t have spectacular lyrics or instruments. The fact that Miley was naked on the wreaking ball shows how most music videos are sex-angle because the topic of sex is a controversial topic, allowing people to carry a debate making the word spread about the song increasing popularity.

Work From Home by the 5 girl group band fifth harmony had a huge success in 2016, with over a billion views on YouTube. Even though the song is catchy due to the beat, most music videos on YouTube make a couple of millions not billions. The music video contained women and men sexually portrayed in the building industry. Having men topless and 5 girls in short shorts, helped market the song leading to its success.

Music videos have controversy evolving around them, and sex, nudity drugs and alcohol aren’t the only ones. The song lyrics also play part. Take me to church a song by hosier, had powerful lyrics creating debated how being homosexual and going to church is not viewed politically right making the lyrics and the cinematography contradict.


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