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Initial Response to the Brief

This year i have looked at the A2 brief in preparation for next year. I have come to the conclusion that i will most likely do a music video, as I have produced and directed a short film before, and i would like to learn and explore more in the music video era.

I have also looked at creating a documentary, but making something unique is extremely hard. I have though of creating a documentary regarding immigration, but finding someone willing to speak is also hard.

In my opinion, because I already have experience in camerawork, as i have filmed a short film for my AS film studied, it will make it more easier and straight forward when using camera, lighting and constructing the music video editing. The short film took a lot of planning, but the filming process was fun and exiting. It took time to find the right actress, which i done through a casting process. This should not be much different to a music video. I will be holding a short casting for different actors and actresses soon, so I can see their ability in order for my music video to come together the best it can.

For the music video, there are many locations to school that can be done, which i will be visiting over the summer holiday to get a idea of whether i like the locations or not. I have thought of filming in a abandoned house or building, which graphite representing the torn relationship, I would also like to use adobe after effects as I would like to create a broken car window effect, which would look interesting. I have some potential songs which i would like to use, but I’m not exactly sure which one i will chose. Regarding costumes, I have though of a plain black dress for the actor, or black T shirt and jeans for the actor. Prop wise, i would definitely like to include a microphone, and a guitar. I will not use any drums as the songs i have in mind are performed be individual artists.


Adele’s music video for send my love takes the audience on a roller-coaster  of emotions which is created by the cinematography and editing. The shots vary form long shots and extreme closeups, which creates the illusion of someone being drunk. The music works well with the speed of the editing, which is extremely important.


Ariana Grande’s into you video, has a variate of shots. Most of them are medium – long shot or long shots, which places us as the audience outside of their relationship that takes place in the music video. I really like this idea, as when using too many closeups it could get uncomfortable for the audience.  The speed of the video is lovely the fast motion which then changes to slow motion.


Shawn’s and Camilla’s music video for i know what you did last summer,is brilliantly shot with many different focus pulls which i would like to include in my music video as it brings the audience in.