Shot List


Chosen Location

I have chose 2 locations for my music video Alarm, which i think will work well with the genre and the lyrics.

My first location is the black box, as when lit correctly it creates a black background making it seem as if there is nothing around for miles. At the same time the black box is great for performance, and scenes like running or dancing. This is a good contrast to my outdoor location.

bbt-4My second location is the park/ woods. This location is easily accessible and has many resources i can use in my music video which will make it look conventional but different at the same time. The place has trees which in the autumn with all the leaves on the ground will work with the fairly lights as they an be buried in the leaves as a metaphor. On the other hand the large space will allow me to film a continuous shot for a while, which will be useful when editing. michigan-woods

Over all these 2 locations should create my entire music video , with the correct lighting and iOS settings as well as editing the music video will look conventional and cool.