Music and Genre



Research Summary

In order to create a conventional music video I began researching into other music videos. My first post in the research category was the analysis of a previous students blog. This was extremely helpful as it gave me an idea of what i need to create and put together to create my final products. Using my time to amylase the previous students blog gave me the chance to see how they’ve made their blog and organized it. This allowed me to organize my blog similar to theirs. After this I went to analyzing a previous students music video. This really gave me the chance to see what works with a music video and what doesn’t, allowing me not to make the same mistake when producing my music video. This was also helpful to see using a mark scheme what the different grades mean in comparison to the final product.

After completing the first two tasks I went to learning the different styles of music videos, so I can decide what category i would like to create my music video. Shortly I analyzed the camera shots and music video analysis . This allowed me to see a conventional music video and the shots the use. The history of a music video and research into different music genres allowed me to pick a theorist and a genre, so when I produce my music video the outcome would be a conventional music video.

Promotional and marketing makes the video successful so i went into researching about different ways to market and promote music video. I analyzed a music magazine advert which was going to create to go alongside my music video and a digipak. This gave me an idea about what I was going to create. This was extremely helpful. I also researched onto labels print platforms and broadcasting platforms. Then i researched into previous students magazine adverts and students digipaks. This gave me an idea of what i was asked to create.

Overall completing all these tasks helped me create my final products and allowed me to understand what a successful music video is required to include as well as a conventional music video.

Music video styles

There are three main music video styles in the pop/ indie industry. Performance, narrative and conceptual. The most popular one is performance followed by narrative. Usually the music video have a mixture of 2 or all of the styles.

performance videos are when a artists performs for the viewer, this could be lip syncing, or actually performing using instruments making it seem as a live concert. The videos aim to to make it look natural and not scripted. Here are a couple of examples:

Shawn Mendes – ruin:

In this music video you can see Mendes, with a electric guitar in Madison square garden, with no audience performing. he also uses a microphone which makes it look as if its sound check.

Zara Larsson – Lush Life:


In this music video you can see larrson perform on a white background, while she dances and lip syncs to her song. This is another good example of a performance music video.



The role of narrative is to create story line to work with the song lyrics and to be acted or performed in the music video . This is common in most genres. This can also be seen as a short film with music. Musicals also use the feature of narrative and performance. Here are a few examples:

Ariana Grande – Into You:


Even though Ariana is seen to be performing at some parts, most of her music video consists of a relationship narrative, where we see her riding a motorcycle and them outside a motel, which shows their close relationship which works well with the lyrics of ‘into you’

Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better



Shawn’s song treat you better lyrics are shown through the cinematography. We see a bad reationship between a male and a female, while Shawn is trying to tell the female that he could treat her better, but he is trapped and can’t do much.



Red Hot chili Peppers – Otherside:


This song uses the side of the style conceptual extremely intensively. The use of the graphics with different shapes like eyes and ambulances makes it interesting to the audience.


Shawn Mendes- Stitches


Shawn’s song stitches, is a slight version of conceptual, as it has the idea of himself beating himself. He falls on the ground when he tries to get up and he has stitches all over his face which is also seen in the film fight club 1999.

History of Music Videos

Music videos are a market device for most songs. This aids the sales of the song, and in some cases the music video is what makes the song popular. One example is wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus. The features of nudity and postmodernism like having someone swing from a wreaking ball destroying walls, intrigued the viewer, even though the song didn’t have spectacular lyrics or instruments. The fact that Miley was naked on the wreaking ball shows how most music videos are sex-angle because the topic of sex is a controversial topic, allowing people to carry a debate making the word spread about the song increasing popularity.

Work From Home by the 5 girl group band fifth harmony had a huge success in 2016, with over a billion views on YouTube. Even though the song is catchy due to the beat, most music videos on YouTube make a couple of millions not billions. The music video contained women and men sexually portrayed in the building industry. Having men topless and 5 girls in short shorts, helped market the song leading to its success.

Music videos have controversy evolving around them, and sex, nudity drugs and alcohol aren’t the only ones. The song lyrics also play part. Take me to church a song by hosier, had powerful lyrics creating debated how being homosexual and going to church is not viewed politically right making the lyrics and the cinematography contradict.

Music video shots


In this video I have composed two music videos together to show some of the shots i would like to create. I really like the shot outside the small house, which is what i would like to create but, in a abandoned house. I also like B footage, where they are on a motorcycle and the yellow line on the street.


Adele’s music video for send my love takes the audience on a roller-coaster  of emotions which is created by the cinematography and editing. The shots vary form long shots and extreme closeups, which creates the illusion of someone being drunk. The music works well with the speed of the editing, which is extremely important.


Ariana Grande’s into you video, has a variate of shots. Most of them are medium – long shot or long shots, which places us as the audience outside of their relationship that takes place in the music video. I really like this idea, as when using too many closeups it could get uncomfortable for the audience.  The speed of the video is lovely the fast motion which then changes to slow motion.


Shawn’s and Camilla’s music video for i know what you did last summer,is brilliantly shot with many different focus pulls which i would like to include in my music video as it brings the audience in.